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 GAIA Best Paper Award 2017 for the paper "Transdisiplinäre Forschung revisited: Erkenntnisinteresse, Forschungsgegenstände, Wissensform und Methodologie" by Wolfgang Krohn, Armin Grunwald and Martina Ukowitz 
 New Publication: The Future of Scholarly Publishing: Open Access and the Economics of Digitisation by Peter Weingart & Niels Taubert


I2SoS-Colloquium WiSe 2020/21

The colloquium takes place in the usual time slot on Tuesday at 16-18 h via the video-conferencing program „Zoom.“ In view of the development of the infection figures and the possible availability of a vaccine, we might be able to return to physical presence in the latter part of the term.

If you are interested in participating in the zoom meetings, please send a mail to this effect until the preceding Monday morning to eike_inga.schilling@uni-bielefeld.de. You may also say that you want to attend all lectures. You will receive an access code. If zoom is not already installed on your computer, it will do so automatically when you request access. Zoom is an interactive format so that you will be able to ask questions.

No credit points can be issued this semester.

You are all warmly invited to take part and to fill this new format with life. We would be delighted to see you in this framework.

10.11. Stephanie Beyer (LU Hannover, sociology), „Homo Prestigious — Die soziale Konstruktion der US- akademischen Elite“
17.11. Wolfang Krohn (U. Bielefeld, sociology), "Realexperimente und das Problem der Verallgemeinerung des Wissens"
24.11. Valerie Wittek (U. Bielefeld, economics), Technology Transfer between Academia and the Pharmaceutical Industry — Effects of Political Control Mechanisms
1.12. Anna Kosmützky (LU Hannover, sociology), Vergleichsmethodik
8.12. Matthias Heymann (U. Aarhus, history), Algorithms, politics and scientific standards: How climate models and climate prediction changed the culture of climate science.
15.12. Paloma Schlichting (Uni BI, Philosophy), Public engagement in science — the public is online, can science be too?
12.1. Alkistis Elliott-Graves (Uni BI, Philosophy), Understanding Ecological Complexity.
19.1. Gabriele Gramelsberger (RTWH Aachen), Philosophical Considerations on Machine Learning in Scientific Research
26.1. Alejandro Esguerra (Uni BI), Science-Policy-Society Relations im Kontext von Global Climate Governance
2.2. Lisa Regazzoni (Uni BI, History), Geschichtsstoff: Zwei oder drei Dinge, die ich von ihm weiß
9.2. Florian Irgmaier (Weizenbaum-Institut Berlin, sociology)