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InterAmerican Studies / Estudios InterAmericanos

International Congress for Inter-American Students: TransAmericas. Interamericana transformations and transitions (July, 3th, 4th and 5th, 2019)

The Americas are not foreign to the political, intellectual and aesthetic Global tendencies. Since the European invasion and conquer until the present, the continent?s history shows how the region is an area where those tendencies have had a direct in?uence. This is more obvious when considering concepts such as globalization, world system, and global capitalism, among others, that shed light on the unavoidable interactions and entanglements among regions, countries and cultures, in a process that has intensifed during the last decades, and that has been characterized by an economic, cultural and political hegemony from the so-called First World or Global North.

However, the particularities of the Americas not only locate them as a place of reception, but also as an area where the global hegemonic tendencies can go into crisis, and take new forms and meanings. Intellectuals such as José Carlos Mariátegui, Oswald de Andrade, Jorge Luis Borges and Silviano Santiago, for example, have put emphasis, from different approaches and perspectives, on the transformation and characteristics, and the de-(formation) potential of the American continent regarding the political, philosophical and aesthetic thought, as well as in the areas of literature, arts, media and diverse cultural processes. This region turns out to be a space of thought where transitions and transformations acquire particularities that resist the essentialism.

In addition, at a local level, civil wars and dictatorships, the various attempts at democratic processes and peace, the transitions between liberal or progressive governments to neo-liberal conservative governments (and vice versa), as well as the search for vanguards and new forms of cultural expressions are just some of the processes that account for the transforming and transitional nature of the Americas. The Second Inter-American Studies Students Congress seeks to be a transdisciplinary exchange space for discussion about these transformations and transitions, specifcally, in the following areas:

Politics and society:
- Crisis, migration ?ows, and Diasporas in the Americas. - Transitions and political conjunctures: actors, tendencies and challenges. - State, social movements, indigenous and social actors, and political processes. - Feminisms, sexualities, identity politics and their intersections in the Americas. - Environment and (neo)-extractivism. - Experiences, discourses and policies of inclusion-exclusion from an intersectional perspective -Changes in religion, popular beliefs, and relations with politics.

InterAmerican thinking:
- Philosophy in the Americas - The Americas as a space of though - Thinking, tradition and transitions in the Latin American though - Aesthetics and arts in the Americas - Decolonial thinking in the Americas.


- Border Narratives and movement - Transgression and resistance discourses - InterAmerican cultural processes - Memories and testimonies - Arts and cultures in the Americas - Bodies, narratives and identities (feminists, LGBTQ+, afro-descendants, indigenous people, etc.)

Application information:
The call is open to master and doctoral students from InterAmerican Studies, Latinoamerican Studies and related areas.

You can apply either individually or with panel discussion proposals. Every proposal must contain the following information: title, name and academic affliation of the participant, e-mail, keywords, and it cannot be longer than 400 words. Proposals can be sent in German, Spanish, English or Portuguese until March 20, 2019 to the following email: congresoiasbielefeld@gmail.com. The discussion panels must be integrated by a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 people

Important dates:

Deadline for reception of abstracts for papers and discussion panels: March 20, 2019

Confrmation of acceptance of papers and discussion panels: March 31, 2019

Confrmation of participation by the participants: April 15, 2019 For more information: Student Association IAS / Fachschaft IAS congressesbielefeld@gmail.com Organizing Committee TransAméricas: Transformaciones y transiciones interamericanas