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Quetzal is a band of East Los Angeles natives who create music that is both artful and message-driven. In 2013, their album Imaginaries was awarded with the Grammy for Best Latin Alternative, Urban or Rock Album. Now celebrating its 20-year anniversary, Quetzal is the collaborative project of Quetzal Flores (guitar), Martha González (lead vocals, percussion), Tylana Enomoto (violin), Juan Pérez (bass), Peter Jacobson (cello), and Alberto Lopez (percussion). The musical ensemble is influenced by an East LA soundscape composed of Chicano rock, ranchera, Afro-Mexican roots, cumbia, salsa, R&B, folk, and fusions of international musics, and also one whose political vision is based in social activism, feminism, and the belief that there is radical potential in expressive culture. During the past two decades, the musical force of Quetzal has created a unique cultural platform that has sounded against conditions of oppression and marginalization.