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InterAmerican Studies / Estudios InterAmericanos

International Agreements

University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
The University of Buenos Aires is a public institution with more than two hundred years of history, and is considered one of the most important universities in Latin America. It offers 78 fields of study, and countless cultural, social, and research opportunities. The university has also positioned itself as an essential participant in societal projects in Argentina.

Links of interest:
Homepage UBA
Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center
Museums Network
Orchestra of the University of Buenos Aires Rector Ricardo Rojas
Institute of Ethnomusicology
Cosmos Cinema UBA

International Agreement Manager: Prof.Dr.Kirsten Kramer
National University of La Plata (Argentina)
UNPL has more than one hundred years of history in higher education in Argentina. The university offers over 111 undergraduate and 170 graduate programs spread over 17 faculties, and is recognized as an educational institution of great importance both nationally and internationally. There is currently a specific cooperation agreement within the ISAP (DAAD) program which facilitates the exchange of students and researchers.

Links of interest:
Homepage UNPL
Arts and Cultural Center
Museums Network
Theater Workshop
Arts and Culture Biennial

International Agreement Manager: Prof.Dr.Kirsten Kramer
Coordinator: Marius Littschwager
UFMG Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)
The Federal University of Minas Gerais is a public higher education institution that offers free education in Brazil. Founded in 1927, it is located in the southeast of the country with four different campuses, so the university community is of great importance in the region. The programs of literature, linguistics, philosophy, political science, and several engineering disciplines are recognized with the highest degree of excellence in the CAPES evaluation. The specific agreement works with the Faculty of Literature, and there is now an excellent academic exchange between our universities.

Links of interest:
Hompage UFMG
Direção de Relações Internationais (International Office)
Portuguese as a foreign language UFMG
Faculdade de Letras
Interdisciplinary Research Groups FALE
Instituto de Estudos Avançados Transdisciplinares (IEAT)

International Agreement Manager at University of Bielefeld: Prof.Dr.Joachim Michael
International Agreement Manager at UFMG: Prof. Dr. Luciane Corrêa Ferreira
McGill University (Canada)
McGill University is rated as the best university in Canada and ranks as one of the best universities worldwide. It is one of two universities in Quebec which use English as their language of instruction. Its high admission standards make it one of the most competitive institutions in higher education.

Links of interest:
Homepage McGill University
Music at McGill
McGill Farmers Market
McGill Podcasts
Sports at McGill
Things to do in McGill

International Agreement Manager: Prof.Dr.Wilfried Raussert
University of Antioquia (Colombia)
The University of Antioquia was founded in 1803 and stands as one of the best universities in Colombia. It provides 184 programs of study, divided between undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The university also has excellent cultural management, and promotes various cultural and artistic events.

Links of interest:
Artistic and Cultural Activities
Monthly Schedule
Open Museum
University Theater

International Agreement Manager: Prof.Dr.Kirsten Kramer
Simon Bolivar Andean University (Ecuador)
Simon Bolivar Andean University is a new kind of higher education institution. Founded in 1985, it responds to the need for analyzing and identifying the interrelationships between the Andean region and Latin America. Its concept promotes international cooperation, so it maintains several relationships and agreements with universities in different parts of the world.

Links of interest:

International Agreement Manager: Prof.Dr.Olaf Kaltmeier
University of Guadalajara (Mexico)
The University of Guadalajara is one of the leading institutions of public higher education in Mexico. It operates within a network model to unite its 15 university campuses, its virtual university system, and its general administration. With its enrollment of 116,000 students in more than 350 undergraduate and graduate programs, the University of Guadalajara forms an important educational and cultural community in western Mexico.

The specific agreement operates between our department and the University Center of Social Sciences and Humanities (CUCSH). ISAP exchange of teachers and students has led the University of Guadalajara to become an important part of the internationalization of our program.

Links of interest:
ISAP Grants Program
Homepage UdeG
Official Journal of the University of Guadalajara
International Book Fair (FIL)
Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG)

International Agreement Managers: Prof.Dr.Joachim Michael
                                                          Prof.Dr.Wilfried Raussert
UNAM National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico)
The National Autonomous University of Mexico is the largest and most important university in Mexico. With over 400 years of history, it is now an autonomous public institution with excellent academic recognition around the world. Its activity is of great importance for the academic, scientific, and cultural development of the region. In June 2007, its central campus, "University City", was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Links of interest:
Homepage UNAM
Culture UNAM
Chopo University Museum
Dance Hall
Juan Ruiz de Alarcon Theater
Radio UNAM

International Agreement Manager: Prof.Dr.Wilfried Raussert
PUCP Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (Peru)
The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru is ranked first in higher education institutions in Peru, and ranks among the top 25 universities in Latin America. Thanks to its long history and constant vigilance in staying relevant within the academic community, it has become an important meeting point for students, along with national and international researchers.

Links of interest:
Homepage PUCP
Cultural Center PUCP
Center of Latin American Music
Music and Dance Center
Institute of Ethnomusicology
PUCP Theater

International Agreement Manager: Prof.Dr.Olaf Kaltmeier
Kansas State University (United States)
Kansas State University is a public research institute that offers more than 300 academic programs within its five campuses. In addition to academic programs within the university, there are several important bodies such as the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, the Museum of Natural History, and Spencer Museum of Art. Students also have the opportunity to participate in various sports programs and cultural activities.

Links of interest:
Homepage KSU
Arts K-State
Sports K-State
Insect Zoo K-State
K-State Gardens
Recreational Services

International Agreement Manager: Prof.Dr.Wilfried Raussert
Pennsylvania State University (United States)
Pennsylvania State University is one of the top 15 public universities in the United States. It has 19 campuses spread throughout the state, and currently offers more than 160 academic programs. The established agreement has increased the exchange between the two universities, and they are often in close collaboration in research projects.

Links of interest:
Arts & Entertainment
Activities and Traditions

International Agreement Manager: Prof.Dr.Wilfried Raussert
Texas A&M International University (United States)
Texas A&M International University (TAMIU), a Member of The Texas A&M University System, prepares students for leadership roles in an increasingly complex, culturally diverse state, national, and global society. TAMIU provides a learning environment built on a solid academic foundation in the arts and sciences. The University offers a range of baccalaureate and master?s programs and the Doctor of Philosophy degree in International Business Administration. In addition, the University pursues a progressive agenda for global study and understanding across all disciplines.

Links of interest:
University Life at TAMIU
Art and music in Laredo

International Agreement Manager: Prof.Dr.Wilfried Raussert