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InterAmerican Studies / Estudios InterAmericanos

Double Degree InterAmerican Studies

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From winter semester 2018/19, students of the MA InterAmerican Studies/ Estudios InterAmericanos will be able to opt, in addition to the master's degree from the University of Bielefeld, for the Double Degree option organized in cooperation with the MA in InterAmerican Literatures from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Profile of the students
The Double Degree Inter-American Studies program, funded by the DAAD, is a particularly attractive opportunity for students who wish to study Inter-American Studies with an emphasis on Literature and Cultural Studies.
Binational structure

The structure of the double degree option is designed so that each generation of students will study the first two semesters at Bielefeld University, where they will acquire the basis of interdisciplinary studies. The remaining two semesters will be spent at the University of Guadalajara in the Master's Degree in InterAmerican Literatures, where they must write their thesis, which will be supervised by professors from both institutions.

Each generation will be made up of three students enrolled at the University of Bielefeld and three students enrolled at the University of Guadalajara. The stays abroad will be financed by the DAAD.
Students interested in pursuing the Double Degree must apply to the MA InterAmerican Studies and indicate in their motivation letter their intentions to enter the double degree program.
DAAD Scholarship Programme

The double degree option contemplates three DAAD scholarships for students from Bielefeld.  For this reason, a specific selection process will be carried out among the interested parties with very rigorous criteria (including demonstrating a high level of Spanish).

The DAAD scholarships will finance a ten-month stay, flight tickets, and health insurance expenses at the University of Guadalajara.



Semester 3 (in Guadalajara)

Seleccionar dos seminarios entre: (12LP)

  • Literatura caribeña (6LP)
  • Lengua y cultura interamericana (6LP)
  • Literaturas fronterizas de las Américas (6LP)

Seleccionar dos seminarios entre: (12LP)

  • Literatura caribeña (6LP)
  • Discursos interamericanos (6LP)
  • Memoria y testimonio (6LP)
  • Rupturas y violencia en la cultura de las Américas (6LP)

Seminario de tesis II (6LP)

Total Credits: 30

Semester 4 (in Guadalajara)

Seminario de tesis III (6LP)

Tesis (24LP)

Total Credits: 30


Julian Santos

This Master's degree is an interesting opportunity to look at the Americas from a global perspective

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Binational Program Structure
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