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InterAmerican Studies / Estudios InterAmericanos

Reading: "Three Central American Poets"

The Master Inter-American Studies, in collaboration with the Fachsprachenzentrum, International Office, and the Zentrum für Ästhetik, held a Central American poetry reading. We enjoyed the presence of: Luis Chaves, currently one of the most recognized voices in Costa Rica, who in 2015 was the guest artist of the Berliner Künstlerprogramms. Johanna Raabe from El Salvador whose poetry is about internal conflicts and the position of women in society. Alan Mills, a Guatemalan poet, was unable to attend due to family commitments. The reading served as an approach to Central American literature normally not part of the international literary scene. 12.14.2015. Organization: Alina Muñoz, Prof. Dr. Joachim Michael.
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