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InterAmerican Studies / Estudios InterAmericanos

Visual art und poetry "Centroamérica + Deutschland - Grenzen"

A bilingual night of visual art and poetry pretends to create a bridge between Central America and Germany. Under the Moto "Centroamérica + Deutschland - Grenzen", two poets and a visual artist will present their work. The poet and visual artist Luis Uip Hurtarte comes from Guatemala. He studied architecture in Graz and his current work "La ciudad desierta" explores the relationship between poetry and architecture. The nicaraguan writer Abelardo Baldizón was born in 1980 in West Berlin and he studied political science. In the year 2000 he published his first book "Del Matadero. Laura Fong Prosper is a visual artist from Panama. Her work deals with identity, belonging, homeland and exile. 12.07.2016. Organised by Alina Muñoz, Prof Dr. Joachim Michael.