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InterAmerican Studies / Estudios InterAmericanos

Guest Lecturers and Events

Internationalization is decisive in enriching academic offerings and creating an enabling environment for discussion. In addition to having students from different regions of the world, each semester we invite visiting professors to participate in different activities within the university, such as seminars, workshops and symposiums.

Existing agreements with several universities abroad facilitate the academic exchange of professors and researchers. During their stay at the University of Bielefeld, visiting professors conduct seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Prof. Dr. Blanca Estela Ruiz Zaragoza
Prof. Dr. Sergio Figueroa Buenrostro
Prof. Dr. Yolanda Campos
PD Dr. Vera Gerling
Prof. Dr. José Carlos Lozano
Prof. Dr. Georg Otte
Prof. Dr. Alex Schlenker
Prof. Dr. Jaime Pensado