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Religions in Germany - Perceptions of adolescents

Short description

The Institute for interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence (IKG) conducts a study about experiences of mosque visits:

- What do non-muslim visitors observe in mosques?

- How do these visits change their views?

Guided Tours and mosque visits are taking place in many mosques and attract quite an interest. School classes are also amongst those who take this opportunity, often in the context of religious education but also in ethics or history classes. Against the backdrop of attempts to intercultural dialogue the question about the meaning and impact of these encounters arises. Herein it is not about an evaluation but about a fundamental search for perceptions and experiences.

The project focuses on the question of the effects mosque visits have on non-muslim socialized adolescents. In the context of organized mosque tours with school classes it will be examined how the encounter with a mosque and its representatives affect the students:

- How is the contact with the religion of Islam and Muslims in the context of a mosque visit perceived?

- How is this experience integrated in the personal reality of life?

- How sustainable are these effects?

For this purpose surveys in school classes are conducted. Furthermore the perspective of mosques and persons offering mosque visits is to be examined. We survey the personal experiences of mosque tour guides. On the other hand the extent of mosque visits is to be seized to assess their society-wide relevance.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Zick


Olga Janzen, M.A.
Dr. Kurt Salentin
Dorian Tsolak, B.A.
Anna-Lina Bentrup
Charlotte Wiemann


1.9.2015 - 30.2.2017

Funded by

Bundesministeriums des Inneren [in German]

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