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Twice a year, Bi.research, Bielefeld University?s own research magazine, presents clear and understandable reports on interesting and academically top-level research projects at the university. Generally in the form of a special issue, the magazine targets decision makers in politics, business, science and administration; friends and sponsors of the university; university alumni; and anybody who is interested in the newest trends in science.

With its bilingual German?English format, Bi.research emphasizes the international orientation of research at Bielefeld. A top-line presentation and a modern layout make it exceptionally pleasant reading ? it brings science to life!

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Whether we nurse family members, carry out social work and teach, or engage in business, work concerns each and every one of us and shapes our society decisively. With its Science Year 2018, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is also encouraging us to look at the working worlds of the future. In recent years, the topic of ?work? has become an increasingly important field of research at Bielefeld University. The current issue of Bi.research, Bielefeld University?s own research magazine, focuses on the research that scientists at Bielefeld University are carrying out in this field.

In light of the digital revolution, artificial intelligence, and the consequences this is having for employees, the magazine reports on how scientists at Bielefeld University?s Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interactive Technology (CITEC) are working on adapting new technologies to meet people?s needs. Readers can also find out how the trend toward continuous availability is impacting on the lives of employees and how they can transform the risks of Work 4.0 into opportunities. Further issues addressed in the magazine are who has to accept liability when an intelligent industrial robot makes a mistake and how can unpaid work in the private realm gain the recognition it is due in society.

Apart from the special topic of work in this issue of the research magazine, authors report on how Bielefeld University?s Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) has been promoting unusual research ideas for 50 years, how physicists at Bielefeld are studying the way HIV spreads in the body, and how rankings not only help us to get our bearings in the world but simultaneously get in our way

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Doris Schaeffer explains in a research_TV-Interview, why Health Literacy is so important: "In the future people will have to manage their own health". (In German)


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