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PD Dr. Marcus Hartner - Publikationen

PD Dr. Marcus Hartner - Publikationen
  • Monographien und Sammelbände

    • Perspektivische Interaktion im Roman: Kognition, Rezeption, Interpretation . Berlin [et al.]: de Gruyter, 2012. (Rezension: Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift 63.1 [2013]: 168-171.)
    • Before Britannia Ruled the Waves: Captivity and the Muslim World in the English Literary and Cultural Imagination, 1581-1688. Habilitationsschrift, Universität Bielefeld, 2018.
    • Ed. (with Marion Schulte). Migration in Context: Literature, Culture & Language . Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2016.
    • Ed. (with Ralf Schneider). Blending and the Study of Narrative: Approaches and Applications . Berlin [et al.]: de Gruyter, 2012.
    • Aufsätze und Buchbeiträge:  
    • „The Figure of Cain in the Wakefield Mactacio Abel: Allegory in the Medieval Mystery Play.”Analogy, Copy, and Representation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Hrsg. v. Anne Schröder und Christoph Haase. Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2018. 123-138.
    • „Pirates, Captives, and Conversions: Rereading Stories of White Captivity in the Early Modern Mediterranean.”Anglia 135.3 (2017): 417-439.
    • „Bodies, Spaces, and Cultural Models: On Bridging the Gap between Culture and Cognition.”Journal of Literary Theory 11.2 (2017): 204-222.
    • "Scientific Concepts in Literary Studies: Towards Criteria for the Meeting of Literature and Cognitive Science. In: Dialogues Between Literture and Cognition . Eds. Michael Burke and Emilie Troscianko. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2017. 17-34.
    • "Images of Home: National Stereotypes in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane , Chris Cleave’s The Other Hand and Other Contemporary Fictions of Migration.” In: Migration in Context: Literature, Culture & Language . Eds. Marcus Hartner and Marion Schulte. Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2016. 173–186.
    • (with Marion Schulte) "Introduction: Migration from a Transdisciplinary Perspective” In: Migration in Context: Literature, Culture & Language . Eds. Marcus Hartner and Marion Schulte. Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2016. 9–18.
    • (with Ralf Schneider) "British Novels of Migration and the Construction of Transnational Mental Spaces" In: ZAA ( Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik ) 63.4 (2015), 411–431.
    • "Imagining Transgender: Re-Inscribing Normativity in Duncan Tucker's Transamerica and Jackie Kay's Trumpet ." Forum for Inter-American Research ( FIAR ) 8.1 (2015). URL = http://interamericaonline.org/volume-8-1/hartner.
    • "Love and the Crossing of Gender Boundaries: Strategies of Staging Transgender Identity." In: Re/Presenting Gender and Love . Ed. Dikmen Yakali Camoglu. Ebook. Oxford: ID-Press, 2015. 47-56.
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    • "Constructing Literary Character and Perspective: An Approach from Psychology and Blending Theory." In: Blending and the Study of Narrative . Eds. Ralf Schneider and Marcus Hartner. Berlin; New York: de Gruyter, 2012. 85-120.
    • "Psychogeography and In/Sanity - Walking London, New York, and Dubai with Will Self." In: Cityscapes in the Americas and Beyond: Representations of Urban Complexity in Literature, Film, and Media . Eds. Jens Gurr and Wilfired Raussert. Trier: WVT, 2011. 145-156.
    • "The Limits of Postmodern Analysis: Penelope Lively's Moon Tiger and Its Academic Response." In: Remembering and Forgetting . Ed. Wilfried Raussert. Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2010. 63-78.
    • "Narrative Theory Meets Blending: Multiperspectivity Reconsidered." In: The Literary Mind [ REAL , No. 24]. Eds. Jürgen Schlaeger and Gesa Stedman. Tübingen: Narr, 2008. 181-194.
    • Rezensionen:
    • "Lisa Zunsine. Stange Concepts and Stories They Make Possible: Cognition, Culture, Narrative . Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008." In: ZAA 57.2 (2009): 210-212.
    • "'[...] The Lingering After-Effects in the Reader's Mind' - An Investigation into the Affective Dimension of Reading." [Rev. of Michael Burke. Literary Reading, Cognition and Emotion: An Exploration of the Oceanic Mind . New York [et al.]: Routledge, 2011.] In: Journal of Literary Theory Online (21.02.2013). URL = http://www.jltonline.de/index.php/reviews/article/view/549/1370
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    • "Basic Concepts of Narrative Theory: A Polyphonic View." [Review of: David Herman, James Phelan, Peter J. Rabinowitz/Brian Richardson & Robyn Warhol, Narrative Theory. Core Concepts & Critical Debates . Columbus: Ohio State University Press 2012.] In: Journal of Literary Theory Online (07.08.2013). URL = http://www.jltonline.de/index.php/reviews/article/view/588/1412.
    • "Stephan Freißmann. Fictions of Cognition: Representing (Un)Consciousness and Cognitive Science in Contemporary English and American Fiction . Trier: WVT, 2011, 250 pp., € 29.50." Anglia 131.4 (2013): 697-700.
    • (Rez.) "Caroline Lusin (Hrsg.). Empathie, Sympathie und Narration: Strategien der Rezeptionslenkung in Prosa, Drama, Film. Heidelberg: Winter, 2014, 234pp." Anglia (forthcoming)
    • Forthcoming:
    • "Towards a New Literary History of Captivity: Adventure and Generic Hybridity in the Late 16th Century." In: Beyond Narratives of Captivity: Mediterranean Piracy in the Eyes of the World. Ed Mario Klarer. Routledge (forthcoming).
    • “Placing Prospero’s Island: (Post)Colonial Practices of Comparison in the Academic Study of Shakespeare’sThe Tempest.“Forum for Inter-American Research(FIAR) 12.1 (2019) URL = http://interamericaonline.org/ (forthcoming)
    • "Polyphonie und Perspektive in David Mitchells Ghostwritten: Probleme der Konzeption von Multiperspektivität in der Erzählwissenschaft.“In: Boris Previšić (Hg.). Polyphonie und Narration. Berlin [u.a.]: de Gruyter (forthcoming)