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Prof. Dr. Stavros Skopeteas

Fakultät für Linguistik und Literaturwissenschaft



My research focuses on language typology, with emphasis on Southern Caucasian as well as on the languages of Meso-america. Furthemore, I am interested on the investigation of language change and language contact - with the main aim to identify the linguistic entities that are subject to change. The General Linguistics working group at the Bielefeld University is specialized on the development of exact methods for linguistic fieldwork and language description, which contains corpus studies within and between languages, experiments on speech production and experimental studies on speakers' intuitions, as well as studies within the Visual World paradigm. For information about my research, please visit the website of the Working Group General linguistics here.



I am currently working on the investigation of language change in Urum and Pontic Greek in Georgia (Volkswagen Foundation; in cooperation with Konstanze Jungbluth at the European University Viadrina), on the comparison between German and Hungarian acquisition of focus and thematic role disambiguating cues (XPrag.de; in cooperation with Pia Knoeferle at the Humboldt University Berlin), as well as on the development of a curriculum for language documentation (DAAD-project in cooperation with Dafydd Gibbon and Firmin Ahoua at the Université Houphouet Boigny). A list of the present and past projects is found here.



My lectures cover foundational courses on General Linguistics, Morphology, Syntax and Pragmatics, as well as advanced courses on methods of fieldwork and language comparison, language change, or particular topics at the prosody/syntax interface, quantification, spatial relations. I was particularly lucky the last years in having a team of MA-students who joined my fieldwork seminars in the Caucasus and in Africa (see teaching^fieldwork). A list of my lectures at the Bielefeld University is found here.



My publications relate to the following issues: (a) Information structure with main emphasis on the interaction between syntax and prosody for the expression of discourse concepts - such as topic and focus; (b) spatial relations, with main emphasis on the role of cross-linguistic differences in syntax for the decomposition of spatial expressions; (c) quantification, with main focus on the repercussions of the behaviour of plural morphemes of several languages for our assumptions concerning the denotation of nominal roots. My recent publications and many downloadable manuscripts are found in the online publication system of the University Library.



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General Linguistics (Bielefeld)

General Linguistics


Languages of Côte d'Ivoire

Language situation, classifications, sample texts, collection of resources

Côte d'Ivoire


Caucasian Urum

Texts, lexicon, sound files, studies (collected in 2009-2011).