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The Times of Culture and the Cultures of Time: British Temporalities

BritCult Conference Bielefeld, 17–19 November, 2016

Just like space, time is not a given, or some neutral dimension that simply provides our lives with an objective structure.Rather, the way that societies and groups in societies think about, utilise and regulate time is as much subject to interpretation, negotiation and contestation as other cultural structures. As such, time is both embedded in the cultural order of a given society, and a factor that shapes the very cultural setup of that society. The relationship between time measurement and navigation in the period of early exploration and colonisation, and the contested rule of measured time over the lives of workers during industrialisation are prominent examples of such time–culture relationships, but temporality has been important in a great variety of ways throughout cultural history.

For the BritCult conference in 2016, we invited papers that inquire diachronically, synchronically or systematically into the way that cultural practices and artefacts have engaged with or commented on conceptions of time in Britain.

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