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Course Registration

Online Registration Anglistik

How to register for classes

To participate in classes in the British and American Studies programme you need to register online through the eKVV (online course list). Some classes have a restricted number of participants. To get a place in one of these courses, you must sign up within the official registration period. You register by inserting the class in your personal ekvv timetable. After the online registration period has ended, you will receive an e-mail telling you which courses you have been admitted to.

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Notes on the online registration procedure

  1. Make sure you register for your courses by placing them in your timetable within the official registration period.
  2. Assign priorities to the courses in your timetable, so that you are more likely to get places in the courses you need most.
  3. The number of students who register is the basis for room assignment. So even in non-restricted courses you should register if you plan to attend. This will ensure that the room assigned is large enough to accommodate all participants.
  4. Delete courses from your timetable if you decide not to attend - this makes room assignment easier and course assignment fairer.
  5. Your being accepted in a restricted class also depends on your having successfully completed other courses that are prerequisites. The details can be found in the study regulations (FSB).

Link to the study regulations

Online registration: Getting started

This section describes the most important steps for the creation of your personal timetable.

Login screen for your timetable

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Have your student registration number (Matrikelnummer) and your Computing Centre password (Rechenzentrumpasswort) handy. This is the same password you use for accessing your e-mails in your uni-bielefeld.de e-mail account. Open the login screen for the timetable application of the eKVV.

Screen after login

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The following steps are important after logging in:

  1. Selection of study programme (Studiengangsauswahl ändern), in the picture on the right side
  2. Start, in the picture top left.
  3. My priorities (Meine Prioritäten), in the picture low right.
  4. My course selection (Meine Veranstaltungsauswahl), central on the screen.
  5. Timetable (Plan), left centre in the picture
These will be explained below.

Selecting a study programme, registering for a class (Studiengangsauswahl, einen Kurs registrieren)

Select your study programme from the list given.

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When you have selected a study programme you will see a link under the list. Click on the link to your study programme and the course catalog opens for your programme.

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From this list you may select your classes. After clicking the floppy disc symbol for saving, follow the directions on the screen.

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Set priorities (Prioritäten Setzen)

For restricted classes the course assignment uses the priorities of those who wish to participate in order to assign classes. Click Studienplan/Meine Prioritäten (Timetable, my priorities) and read the directions.

Timetable (Plan)

By clicking Stundenplan/Plan (Timetable) you enter the table view of your timetable. Check here to see if your course registration was successful.