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LitKom: "richtig einsteigen" mit literalen Kompetenzen

Academic writing is an essential component of undergraduate education at the Department of British and American Studies. However, many students who decide to study "Anglistik" tend to have difficulties with academic texts. In fact, one of the main reasons why some students struggle with their studies is their lack of exposure to the demands and conventions of academic writing in our field.

The LitKom project aims to improve students' writing skills. The members of the project not only plan and conduct writing-intensive courses in their fields but also help instructors integrate a variety of writing assignments into their courses. Moreover, the LitKom members create materials for students and instructors and offer individual consultations especially to students who are in the early stages of their studies.

Individual consultations

You have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with the LitKom staff to work on any of your writing assignments at the English department. We can meet and discuss your thesis statements, development of your ideas, organization of your paragraphs and ways of incorporating research into your arguments, among others. Individual consultations are a great way of experimenting with your writing and considering other alternatives of expressing your ideas.


Dr. Erhan Simsek