British Literature and Culture

The section of British Literary and Cultural Studies not only engages with the classical literary genres of drama, prose, and poetry from around the sixteenth century until today, but also with film, painting, photography, music, non-literary texts and other media and art forms.

Our teaching and research is informed by a keen awareness of critical literary and cultural theories. We are interested in how literature and other cultural products contribute to the social construction of reality, and thus we study these phenomena in the context of their social, political, economic, and ideological history.

Here in Bielefeld, we put special emphasis on the intersection of narrative form and power. Our Study Group for Critical Discursive Narratology (see link below) is interested in how the formal construction of fictional texts contributes to their ideological construction of critical categories like gender, race, class, age, etc. And, on a meta-level, we ask how the narratological description of form presupposes values and ideologies both in the text and its scholarly analysis.