Going Abroad: Internationalization and Praxisstudien

The English Section at Bielefeld University strongly encourages its students to spend time abroad in English-speaking countries in order for them to acquire cultural awareness and language skills at first hand. Our staff is committed to helping students find opportunities for stays in English-speaking countries by, for example, writing letters of recommendation, coordinating exchange programmes, making themselves available as referees for exceptional students, or recognizing credit points obtained at universities where English is the medium of instruction.

Students who started their studies after 2011 and are planning to become teachers have to complete the modules Internationalization or, in exceptional circumstances, Internationalization at Home. Students who began their studies after 2011 and who are not going into the teaching profession must complete the Praxisstudien module, ideally by gaining experience relevant to their future careers in an English-speaking country or environment.

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