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Bi.discrete seminar

Direct web address: www.bi-discrete.com

All talks marked with ZOOM will be online. There is a waiting room. (People with a university license can enter directly.) The meetings are NOT recorded. In order to give the speaker visual feedback we encourage everybody to turn on the video.

ZOOM details: Meeting ID 926 5310 0938, Passcode 1928, Direct Link

Di., 2021/05/11
14:15 via ZOOM
Julian Rolfes (Bielefeld) Rate-optimal convergence of a standard AFEM for the Stokes problem
Di., 2021/04/20
14:15 via ZOOM
Lorenzo Brasco (Ferrara) Regularity theory for orthotropic functionals
Di., 2021/04/06
10:15 via ZOOM
Daniele Di Pietro (Montpellier) An introduction to the hybrid high-order method with application to nonlinear problems
Di., 2021/02/09
14:15 via ZOOM
Stefan Kunis (Osnabrück) Super-resolution of points and curves
Di., 2021/02/02
14:15 via ZOOM
Ngoc Tien Tran (Humboldt-Universität Berlin) Unstabilized Hybrid High-Order method for a class of degenerate convex minimization problems
Di., 2021/01/26
14:15 via ZOOM
Angela Alberico (Napoli) Fractional Orlicz-Sobolev spaces and their limits
Mo., 2021/01/25
14:15 via ZOOM
Dr. Tsiry Avisoa Randrianasolo (Bielefeld) Numerical approximations of stochastic Navier-Stokes equations
Di., 2020/12/08
14:15 via ZOOM
Lenka Slavikova (Prague) Fractional Orlicz-Sobolev spaces and their embeddings
Di., 2020/11/24
14:15 via ZOOM
Johannes Storn (Bielefeld) A Space-Time DPG Method for the Heat Equation
Di., 2020/11/10
14:15 via ZOOM
Tabea Tscherpel (Bielefeld) On the Sobolev and Lp-stability of the
Di., 2020/10/27
14:15 via ZOOM
Swarnendu Sil (Zürich) Nonlinear Stein theorem for differential forms
Di., 2020/9/8
14:15 via ZOOM
Onur Yilmaz (Bielefeld) Das Guzmán-Neilan Element
Di., 2020/06/23
14:15 via ZOOM
Robert Lasarzik (WIAS Berlin) Dissipative solutions in the context of the numerical approximation of nematic electrolytes
Di., 2020/06/09
14:15 via ZOOM
Dominic Breit (Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh) Convergence rates for the numerical approximation of the 2D stochastic Navier-Stokes equations
Di., 2020/06/02
14:15 via ZOOM
Thorsten Hüls (Bielefeld) On areas of attraction and repulsion in finite time dynamical systems and their numerical approximation
Di., 2020/05/26
14:15 via ZOOM via
David Siska (University of Edinburgh) Mean-Field Neural ODEs via Relaxed Optimal Control
Di., 2020/05/19
14:15, via ZOOM
Christian Kreuzer (TU Dortmund) Quasi-optimal and pressure robust Stokes discretisations
Di., 2020/05/12
14:15 via ZOOM
Toni Scharle (Oxford) Uniform L -estimates for discretely
p-harmonic functions
Di., 2020/04/21
14:15 via ZOOM
Franz Gmeineder (Bonn) Full gradient estimates for convex problems on BD - final take
Di., 2020/03/31
14:15 via Skype
Jörn Wichmann (Bielefeld) The p-heat equation with fractional differentiability
Do., 2020/03/19
14:15 via Skype
Matthias Rott (Bielefeld) Finite Element Approximation of the Double Phase Functional
Mo., 2020/03/16
14:15, V5-148
Daviti Adamadze (Tbilisi State University, Georgia) On singular extensions of order continuous functionals from C[0,1] to variable Lebesgue spaces
Do., 2020/03/12
14:15, V5-148
Kristof Szarvas (Jena) Funktionenräume mit variablen und gemischten Norm und Anwendungen in der Fourier-Analysis
Di., 2020/03/10
14:15, V5-148
Johannes Storn Computation of the LBB Constant for the Stokes Equation
Mi., 2020/03/04
14:15, V5-148
Lars Diening Lipschitz Truncation
Di., 2020/02/18
14:15, V5-148
Lubomir Banas The velocity-pressure-density condition for finite element discretizations of density dependent multiphase flows
Di., 2020/01/28
14:15, V5-148
Anna Khripunova Balci Calderon-Zygmund estimates for nonlinear equations with discontinuous coefficients
Mo., 2020/01/20
14:15, V5-148
Maria Lukacova (Johnnes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) How to compute oscillatory solutions of the compressible Euler equations?
Di., 2020/01/14
14:15, V5-148
Jochen Röndigs Following manifolds in equivariant evolution equations
Di., 2019/12/17
14:15, V5-148
Wolf Jürgen Beyn Contour methods for nonlinear eigenvalue problems
Di., 2019/12/10
14:15, V5-148
Johannes Storn Einführung in die DPG-Methode
Di., 2019/12/10
14:15, V5-148
Tsiry Avisoa Randrianasolo Numerical approximation of stochastic differential games with asymmetric information
Di., 2019/11/26
14:15, V5-148
Michael Ruzicka (Freiburg) Existence proofs for pseudomonotone parabolic problems
Di., 2019/11/19
14:15, V5-148
Thorsten Hüls Computing areas of attraction for nonautonomous, noninvertible dynamical systems
Di., 2019/11/12
14:15, V5-148
André Wilke Convergent numerical approximation of the stochastic total variation flow
Di., 2019/11/05
14:15, V5-148
Lars Diening Boundary Values of Functions with Bounded Deviatoric Variation
Di., 2019/10/22
14:15, V5-148
Johannes Storn (Bielefeld) Introduction to FEniCS
Mo., 2019/10/14
14:15, V5-148
Katharina Schratz (Karlsruhe) Nonlinear Fourier integrators for dispersive equations
Mo., 2019/07/08
15:15, V5-148
Michael Surnachev (Moscow) Long term simulation effects for the transport equation
Mo., 2019/07/08
14:15, V5-148
Alvaro Mateos-Gonzalez (Montpellier) Stochastic Dynamics of Confined Microswimmers
Mo., 2019/06/24
14:15, V5-148
Jihoon Ok (Kyung Hee University, Korea) Maximal regularity for local minimizers of non-autonomous functionals
Mo., 2019/05/13
14:15, V5-148
Anna Kh. Balci (Bielefeld) New examples on Lavrentiev gap using fractals
Mo., 2019/03/18
14:15, V5-148
Tabea Tscherpel (RWTH Aachen) Convergence Results of Minty Type and Applications
Mo., 2019/02/18
14:15, V5-148
Raphael Kruse (TU Berlin) On randomized time-stepping methods for non-autonomous evolution equations with time-irregular coefficients
Fr., 2019/01/18
14:15, V5-148
Marijo Milicevic (Universität Freiburg) Total Variation Minimization: Finite Element Discretization, Iterative Solution and Application to Damage Evolution
Mo., 2018/12/03
14:15, V5-148
Mikhail Surnachev
(Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, Moscow)
Interior and boundary regularity of p(x)-harmonic functions without global log-Hölder condition
Fr., 2018/10/12
Karina Böckenholt (Bielefeld) Numerical approximation of a multicomponent phase-field model for fluid-flow
Di., 2018/07/17
16:15, U2-147
Christian Pötzsche (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt) Numerical Dynamics of Integrodifference Equations
Mo., 2018/07/16
14:15, V3-201
Alina Girod (Universität Bielefeld) Zeit (un)endliche Systeme mit homoklinen Strukturen
- Diskretisierung und Approximation -
Mo., 2018/07/09
14:15, V5-148
Dietmar Gallistl (Universität Twente) Numerical approximation of planar oblique derivative problems in nondivergence form
Mo., 2018/06/25
14:15, V5-148
Janosch Rieger (Monash University, Melbourne) A Galerkin-type approach to shape optimisation in the space of convex sets
Mo. 2018/06/18
14:15, V5-148
Dirk Praetorius (TU Wien) Adaptive FEM with inexact solver for strongly monotone operators
Mi. 2018/05/30
14:15, V3-201 !!
Franz Gmeineder (Universität Bonn) Old and New in Partial Regularity for Elliptic Problems
Fr. 2018/05/25
14:15, V5-148
Marvin Knöller Fourier integrators for Schrödinger equation
Fr. 2018/05/18
14:15, V5-148
Vanessa Lewecke Turing-Muster in mathematischen Vegetationsmodellen
Mo. 2018/05/14
14:15, V5-148
Christian Döding

Nonlinear Stability of Traveling Oscillating Fronts in Parabolic
Evolution Equations

Mo. 2018/05/07
14:15, V5-148
Christian Schellnegger (Tübingen)

Space-time adaptivity for SPDEs


Mo. 2018/04/9
14:15, V5-148
Jehan Oh (Universität Bielefeld)   Global Calderon-Zygmund theory for asymptotically regular problems and double phase problems
Mo. 2018/04/16
14:15, V5-148
Julia Schäpers (Universität Bielefeld)   Zur Numerik von Orbits minimaler Wirkung in der Theorie großer Abweichungen  

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