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My university - my rhyme

The University anniversary is just around the corner. For this reason, we would like you to think up a rhyme inspired by our University. Many of the rhymes submitted will be creatively displayed during the anniversary celebrations.

The rhyme can be in English or German and on any theme related to the University. Bielefeld University as an institution or the building itself, individual faculties or subject areas, university events or student life.
It can be funny, poetic, romantic, or explanatory.
Let your imagination run wild.

We look forward to receiving your submissions from the areas of teaching, research, administration, service and study.



Your rhyme has been sent successfully and will be published after review.

Seminar on creative presentation (of rhymes)

Are you a student at Bielefeld University and would like to help present the rhymes in a creative way? If so, please sign up to the seminar that will take place in the summer semester 2019 (elective module) for this purpose. Find further information in the eKVV.

Your contribution will be published here after review.