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Past events

The Service Center for Young Researchers regularly organizes events where young researchers can inform themselves and get in contact with peers and experts.

On this website we look back on some of our past events.

+07.05.2018: Doctorate - and what's next?

At the event Doctorate - and what's next? on 7 May 2018 interested young researchers gained insight into possible career paths after obtaining a doctoral degree.

Prof Dr Martin Egelhaaf, Vice-Rector for Research, Young Researchers and Equal Opportunities, introduced the event and talked about the wide variety of career perspectives for young researchers. Afterwards four post-doctoral speakers gave impulse talks, which were the basis for a vivid discussion of the speakers with the 50 participants. Dominating questions of the discussion were for example how giving up academic work makes you feel, which role chance played in the individual career paths of the four speakers and how family life and academic career can be reconciled.

The event "Doctorate - and what?s next?" was organized by the Service Center for Young Researchers in cooperation with the Career Service. A similar event will take place next year.

+5.&6.02.2018: Theme days: PhD - yea or nay?

The theme days PhD - yea or nay? on 5 and 6 February 2018 gave prospective doctoral candidates the chance to get comprehensive information about the conditions for doctoral studies at Bielefeld University.

The theme days started with a panel discussion on general conditions for doctoral students, e.g. the situation of young researchers in Germany, career perspectives with and without a doctorate and the requirements for starting your doctoral studies. Furthermore, two doctoral students shared their experiences during their PhD with the audience. After the panel discussion prospective doctoral candidates had the opportunity to get to know institutions at Bielefeld University which offer support for doctoral candidates at the information fair. One of the biggest challenges for many doctoral students is finding the right kind of funding: In the presentation "How to finance your PhD" they got to know the different options for funding, the respective advantages and disadvantages as well as application processes.

Prospective doctoral candidates also had the opportunity to ask their questions about the special doctoral culture in their discipline during small group talks with coordinators of graduate schools and doctoral supervisors. Additional events in the Faculty of Biology, the RTG "World Politics" and the BGHS allowed a deeper insight into the conditions of a PhD in some disciplines.

About 150 participants attended the two day-programme. A similar programme will take place next year. If you are interested in funding opportunities for your doctoral studies earlier, we invite you to attend the upcoming presentation How to finance your PhD.


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