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Campus Start for international academic staff and doctoral students

Welcome Centre | 05.03.2020 | 09:30-11:30 | Room: U7-228 (main building)
Welcome Centre | 02.04.2020 | 09:30-11:30 | Room: U7-228 (main building)

Newly arrived at Bielefeld University you might have many questions about the university, the city and the necessary formalities to get settled in Germany. Campus Start is aimed towards giving you an introduction on these topics. The presentation will provide you with relevant and (perhaps) entertaining information on Bielefeld University. You will also be able to gain an overview of the bureaucratic steps that need to be taken after your arrival. Afterwards you are welcome to join a short campus tour (11:30-12:30).



Target group

International professors, postdocs and doctoral students






Via e-mail: welcome@uni-bielefeld.de