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Attention please! - Presenting successfully at conferences and other scientific contexts

Dr. Dieta Kuchenbrandt | 18./19.03.2020| 09:00-17:00, 09:00-12:30 | C3-137

Successful communication in oral presentations is essential in academia. Talks and poster presentations shape how colleagues and the public perceive you and your research. How you present your research and yourself can "make or break" the success of a grant application, a job opportunity, or a collaboration down the line. In this seminar, we teach and help you practice authentic presentation techniques that work in an academic context. Above and beyond, we will discuss specifics about conferences and other academic presentation occasions. Moreover, we will develop ideas and rules for successful networking strategies.

Main topics:

  • What makes a good presentation a good one?
  • Presentation situation analysis & practice
  • Handling nervousness and anxiety
  • Structure of scientifc presentations - from standard structures to story telling
  • Tipps & tricks for keeping the audience`s attention
  • Turning your monologue into an interactive presentation
  • Body language and voice


  • Interactive input by the trainer
  • Short demonstrations
  • Group work
  • Short presentations by the participants
  • Peer -, expert & video feedback

Target group:

Doctoral students, researchers, and faculty members in all disciplines.
Max. 12 participants.




Carla Sauvigny-Wigge
+49 (0)521 / 106-67537

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