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PhD and project management

Dr. Nils Reschke | 12.02.2020 | 09:00-17:00 | C3-137

Dr. Nils Reschke | 19.06.2020 | 09:00-17:00 | C3-137


The workshop is designed as a comprehensive introduction for PhD students of all disci-plines with a specific focus on basic project management skills for the organization of the "PhD-project". Participants learn to set smart goals, structure their projects in phases and manage it by using relevant tools ? from master plans for the entire project to week and day plans. They reflect on their individual working style, learn how to organize time and deal with stress and loss of motivation in the long run. They also learn how to cope with risks of re-search projects and how to give their relationships to supervisors a binding character by man-aging communication with doctoral agreements and other tools. Thereby they do not only profit from inputs, but experience important project management techniques individually and in group work. In addition they reflect on the importance of networking and profit from shar-ing their experiences with peers and with the trainer.

Focal points:

  • Preconditions and success factors for research projects
  • Conception, planning and execution of PhD projects
  • Setting project goals and deriving realistic working packages
  • Managing priorities, organizing time and workload
  • Managing communication and "the human factor"
  • Transferring project management theories to daily academic routine

Target group:

This workshop targets PhD students in early as well as final stages of their PhD, 12 participants max.



Carla Sauvigny-Wigge
+49 (0)521 / 106-67537

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