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Lab Management: Teamwork and Leadership Competencies in Academia and beyond (for PhD Students in Natural Sciences)

Thomas Frick | 22. - 24.09.2014 | ganztägig | G2-104 - fully booked

In order to further your teamwork and leadership competencies you will be equipped with management and communication tools necessary to successfully lead a work team and being an effective team player. You will practice these tools to facilitate their implementation in your work life.


  • Setting the Frame: Expectations, goals, rules, roles

  • Teamwork and Leadership with Role Awareness
    • Kinds of roles
    • Productive communication (Transactional Analysis)
    • Role integration
  • Mastering Sensitive Teamwork and Leadership Situations
    • Appropriate value-based interaction
    • Active listening with emotional intelligence
    • Motivation
  • Managing the Work Process
    • Setting and agreeing goals with yourself and others
    • Setting priorities (self- and time management)
    • Delegation and mentoring
    • Giving and receiving feedback
  • (Proactively) Dealing with Conflicts
    • Team development
    • Assertiveness (I-language)
    • Personality, teamwork and leadership
  • Evaluation and Transfer
    • Learning points and action plan
    Trainer inputs, exercises (individual, partner and group work; role plays; case studies), evaluations (self-reflection, feedback, group discussions)

    Thomas Frick has more than 30 years of experience in education, training as well as personnel management and development. For the last 17 years he has been a freelance communication trainer focusing on management and leadership. He has trained in industry and is now working mainly internationally for scientific institutions (e.g. EMBO, MIT, PRBB) and public administration (e.g. European Commission).

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