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Masterclass in Philosophy 2019 with Prof. Hanno Sauer: "Moral Judgment: Intuition, Reason, Progress"

This year's Masterclass in Philosophy, "Moral Judgment: Intuition, Reason, Progress", will be held by Prof. Hanno Sauer (Utrecht)

Date: June, 4-6
Location: Bielefeld University


What are moral judgments - and are they any good? In this course, we will address these and other questions with the tools of recent empirically informed metaethics and moral psychology. We will take a look at the respective roles reasoning, emotion and intuition play in moral judgment, how reliable moral judgments are, or how and when reflection should override moral intuition. With this in hand, we will consider whether moral cognition improves over time. Does the evidence from moral psychology suggest that our moral values converge upon a universal moral code? And if so, what are the metaethical implications of this convergence? Finally, are there any limits to moral progress and development? And to what extent are those limits determined by the evolved constraints of our moral psychology?

Further information:
The schedule for the Masterclass (including information about times, topics, and rooms for all sessions) is here.
Readings: The relevant literature will be made available for participants.
Participation is free of charge, but please register by sending an email to

Organization: Hannah Altehenger, Valerij Zisman, Paul Rehren


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  • 29.-30. Mai 2007: Pfingstkurs mit Thomas Pogge (Columbia University, New York): "Globale Gerechtigkeit"

  • 18.-20. Mai 2005: Pfingstkurs mit Nancy Cartwright: "Causality. Metaphysics and Methods"




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