Teleosemantic Perspectives on Perception


A Research Workshop
Bielefeld University, October 7th-8th 2016

organized by the research project Advancing Teleosemantics (SCHU 2860/2-1, NI 1320/2-1), funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


  • Sergio De Souza Filho King's College London web
  • Christopher Gauker Universität Salzburg web
  • Frank Hofmann Université du Luxembourg web
  • Mohan Matthen University of Toronto web
  • Thomas Park Seoul National University/University of Glasgow web
  • Eva Schmidt Universität des Saarlandes web
  • Peter Schulte Universität Bielefeld web
  • Markus Wild Universität Basel web

What the Workshop Will be About   In recent years, perception has become a central field of inquiry for theorists working in the teleosemantic tradition. The goal of this workshop is to investigate whether and how teleosemantic ideas and stratagems can help to shed light on diverse questions concerning the nature and content of perceptual states, e.g.: What properties are represented in perception?  Are perceptual contents conceptual or non-conceptual? What is the relation between perceptual content and accuracy conditions? Do perceptual states have singular contents? What distinguishes perceptual states from beliefs on the one hand and non-perceptual sensory states on the other?

Venue    The venue of the workshop is room X-A2-103 at Bielefeld University. A map of the campus can be found here: Link (the room is on the second floor of the building labelled "Gebäude X" on the map).

Schedule and information   The schedule can be found here: Link

Registration   Please apply by e-mail to: