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Christian Poth

Contact Details

Name: Dr. Christian H. Poth
Postal Address:

Universität Bielefeld
Fakultät für Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft
Abteilung für Psychologie
Postfach 10 01 31
D-33501 Bielefeld
Unit: AE01 / Neuro-Cognitive Psychology
Room: CITEC 2.408
Phone: ++49 (0)521 106 - 4505
Fax: ++49 (0)521 106 - 156934
Email: c.poth 'at' uni-bielefeld.de
Office-Hour: By agreement




  • Active vision: The interplay of attention, eye movements and perception
  • Dynamic visual cognition: Object recognition and perceptual stability in changing environments
  • Experimental methodology: Vision research techniques and virtual reality for psychology and neuroscience

Curriculum vitae


Selected publications (cv includes full list)

Poth, C. H. (2020). Prioritization in visual working memory enhances memory retention and speeds up processing in a comparison task. Cognitive Processing.

Poth, C. H. (2018). Phasic alertness reverses the beneficial effects of accessory stimuli on choice reaction. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.

Poth, C. H., Foerster, R. M., Behler, C., Schwanecke, U., Schneider, W. X., & Botsch, M. (2018). Ultra-high temporal resolution of visual presentation using gaming monitors and G-Sync. Behavior Research Methods.

Foerster, R. M., Poth, C. H. (shared first author), Behler, C., Botsch, M., & Schneider, W. X. (2016). Using the virtual reality device Oculus Rift for neuropsychological assessment of visual processing capabilities. Scientific Reports, 6:37016.
doi: 10.1038/srep37016

Poth, C. H, & Schneider, W. X. (2016). Episodic short-term recognition requires encoding into visual working memory: Evidence from probe recognition after letter report. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 1440.
doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.01440

Poth, C. H., & Schneider, W. X. (2016). Breaking object correspondence across saccades impairs object recognition: The role of color and luminance. Journal of Vision, 16(11):1, 1-12.

Poth, C. H., Herwig, A., & Schneider, W. X. (2015). Breaking object correspondence across saccadic eye movements deteriorates object recognition. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 9, 176.

Poth, C. H., Petersen, A., Bundesen, C., & Schneider, W. X. (2014). Effects of monitoring for visual events on distinct components of attention. Frontiers in Psychology, 5, 930.