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Dr. Katharina Weiß

Contact Details

Name: Dr. Katharina Weiß
Postal Address:

Universität Bielefeld
Fakultät für Psychologie und Sportwissenschaft
Abteilung für Psychologie
Postfach 10 01 31
D-33501 Bielefeld
Unit: AE01 / Neuro-Cognitive Psychology
Room: CITEC-2.409
Phone: ++49 (0)521 106 - 4504
Fax: ++49 (0)521 106 - 156934
Email: katharina.weiss'at' uni-bielefeld.de
Office-Hour: Nach Vereinbarung


Research Topics

  • visual attention
  • time perception
  • psychophysics


Advances in Cognitive Psychology, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Consciousness and Cognition, Experimental Brain Research, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, PLoS ONE, Psychological Research, Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology


in press

Haberkamp, A., Biafora, M., Schmidt, T., & Weiß, K. (in press). We prefer what we fear: A response preference bias mimics attentional capture in spider fear. Journal of Anxiety Disorders. (Link)


Herwig, A., Weiß, K., & Schneider W. X. (2015). When circles become triangular: How transsaccadic predictions shape the perception of shape. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1339, 97-105.

Weiß, K., Schneider W. X., & Herwig, A. (2015). A "blanking effect" for surface features: Transsaccadic spatial frequency discrimination is improved by post-saccadic blanking. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 77, 1500-1506. (PDF)


Weiß, K., Schneider, W. X., & Herwig, A. (2014). Associating peripheral and foveal visual input across saccades: A default mode of the human visual system? Journal of Vision, 14(11):7. 1-15. (LINK)


Weiß, K., Hilkenmeier, F. & Scharlau, I. (2013). Attention and the speed of information processing: Posterior entry for unattended stimuli instead of prior entry for attended stimuli. Plos One, 8, 1-8.


Weiß, K. & Scharlau, I. (2012). At the mercy of prior entry: Prior entry induced by invisible primes is not susceptible to current intentions. Acta Psychologica, 11, 975-980.

Hilkenmeier, F., Scharlau, I., Weiß, K., &: Olivers, C. N. L. (2012). The dynamics of prior entry in serial visual processing. Visual Cognition, 20, 48-76.


Weiß, K. & Scharlau, I. (2011) Simultaneity and temporal order perception: Different sides of the same coin? Evidence from a visual prior entry study.The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 64, 394-418.


Weiß, K. & Scharlau, I. (2010) Temporal order judgments- A sensitive measure for measuring perceptual latency? In A. Bastianelli & G. Vidotto (Eds.): Fechner Day 2010: Proceedings of the 26th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics, 467-472.


Weiß, K. & Scharlau, I. (2009). Attention speeds up visual information processing: Selection for perception or selection for action? In: B. Mertsching (Ed.) KI 2009: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since August 2013: Research Scientist, DFG-Project "Transsakkadische Prädiktion bei visueller Suche und Objekterkennung", Neuro-Cognitive Psychology (Allg. Psych. I), Department Psychology, Bielefeld University, Germany
  • 2012-2013 Research Scientist, Department of Psychology, Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany
  • 2012 Dr. phil., University of Paderborn, Germany
  • 2007-2012 Research Scientist, Cognitive Psychology, University of Paderborn, Germany
  • 2002-2007 Diploma Studies Psychology , Bielefeld University, Germany