Spinath, F. M., Riemann, R., Hempel, S., Schlangen, B., Weiß, R., Borkenau, P. & Angleitner, A. (1999). A day in the life: Description of the German Observational Study on Adult Twins (GOSAT) assessing twin similarity in controlled laboratory settings. In I. Mervielde, I. Deary, F. DeFruyt & F. Ostendorf (Eds.), Personality Psychology in Europe, Volume 7 (S. 311-328). Tilburg, NL: Tilburg University Press.


In this chapter we describe the goals and methods of an extensive observational study of twins reared together (German Observational Study on Adult Twins, GOSAT). In GOSAT, a multimodal data set is collected, emphasising objective personality and temperament measures.


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