Spinath, F. M., Wolf, H., Angleitner, A., Borkenau, B. & Riemann, R (2002). Genetic and environmental influences on objectively assessed activity in adults. Personality and Individual Differences, 33, 633-645.


Motor activity level was objectively assessed in a community sample of 300 adult monozygotic and dizygotic twin pairs as part of the German Observational Study of Adult Twins (GOSAT). The participants carried motion recorders (actometers) over a period of approximately six hours to assess limb movements while engaging in a variety of tasks. Behavioral genetic analyses of an actometer composite score (ACS) suggested moderate genetic influence (a2=.40) and no shared environmental influences on this objective measure of activity. Furthermore, ACS showed small to moderate meaningful and significant relations to several activity-related temperament dimensions assessed via self- and peer reports. A series of bivariate analyses yielded mixed results with regard to genetic and environmental influences on the covariation between objectively assessed activity and self-reported temperament.


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