Borkenau, P., Mauer, N., Riemann, R., Spinath, F. M. & Angleitner, A. (im Druck). Thin slices of behavior as cues of personality and intelligence. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Self-reports, peer reports, intelligence tests, and ratings of
personality and intelligence from 15 videotaped episodes were collected
for 600 participants. The average cross-situational consistency of trait
impressions across the 15 episodes was .43. Shared stereotypes related
to gender and age were mostly accurate and hardly contributed to
agreement among judges. Agreement was limited mainly by non-shared
meaning systems and by non-overlapping information. Personality
inferences from thin slices of behavior were significantly associated
with reports by knowledgeable informants. This association became
stronger the more episodes were included, but gains in prediction were
low beyond six episodes. Inferences of intelligence from thin slices of
behavior predicted intelligence test scores strongly. A particularly
strong single predictor was how persons read short sentences.

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