Spinath, F. M. & O’Connor, T. G (im Druck). A behavioral genetic study of the overlap between personality and parenting. Journal of Personality.


The current study had three aims.  The first was to examine the covariation between personality of parents and parenting behaviors.  The second aim was to examine the genetic and environmental influences on parenting behaviors.  The third aim was to examine the extent to which the association between personality and parenting was mediated by genetic and environmental factors.  Personality (Five Factor Model, NEO-FFI) and parenting data were collected as part of a larger German study of 300 adult twin pairs (GOSAT).  The current paper analyses data on a subset of the 300 twin pairs from the GOSAT sample who were concordant for having children (n=98 pairs or 196 individuals).  Results indicated modest overlap between personality and parenting.  In addition, univariate behavioral genetic analyses indicated moderate genetic influence on select parenting dimensions.  Results also indicated that the moderate phenotypic covariation between personality and parenting was attributed largely to non-genetic factors.  Implications of the findings for research on parenting and personality are considered.


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