Angleitner, A. & Spinath, F. M. (im Druck). An empirical comparison of the temperamental conceptions of Cloninger and Strelau. In T. Klonowicz, M. Marszal-Wisniewska & M. Sajkowska-Stanik (Hrsg.), Readings in individual differences psychology. The Polish Academy of Sciences & Warsaw School of Advanced Social Psychology.


The aim of the present paper is to compare Cloningerís (1987, 1994, 1998a,b) biosocial model of temperament and personality with Jan Strelauís (1983, 1998) temperament conceptions.

In the first part of this paper we will present Cloningerís model along with a description of the instruments for measuring them and briefly summarize the main concepts of Strelauís theory. The theoretical emphasis reflects the authorsĎ view that in comparison to Strelau theory which has been well received in the scientific community both in Europe and overseas, Cloningerís model didnít receive much attention in psychology (see Strelau & Angleitner, 1991) until recently when Ebstein and colleagues (1996) reported that the D4 dopamine receptor gene was related to Novelty Seeking (NS) as postulated by Cloninger. In the second part of the paper we report an empirical study which investigated the structure of the most recent instrument for the assessment of Cloningerís constructs (Temperament-Character-Inventory-Revised, TCI-R) and compared it to standard inventories for the measurement of Strelauís temperament dimensions in an adult self-report sample.


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