Strobel, A., Spinath, F. M., Angleitner, A., Riemann, R., Borkenau, P. & Lesch, K.-P. (im Druck). Lack of association between polymorphisms of the Dopamine D4 receptor gene and personality. Neuropsychobiology.


Recent studies have suggested a role of the DRD4 exon III polymorphism and the DRD4 -521C/T polymorphism in the modulation of personality traits such as Novelty Seeking or Extraversion, which are supposed to be modulated by individual differences in dopaminergic function. However, several further studies concerning these associations have not provided positive findings. The present study was performed to further investigate whether DRD4 exon III and -521C/T are associated with individual differences in personality. 115 healthy German volunteers were asked to complete the NEO Five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI) and were genotyped for the two DRD4 polymorphisms. We found no association between DRD4 exon III and estimated Novelty Seeking or NEO-FFI Extraversion. Furthermore, there was no association between DRD4 -521C/T and estimated Novelty Seeking or the NEO-FFI personality factors. Our findings are in line with several earlier studies which have failed to replicate the initial association results. Hence, our data do not provide evidence for a role of DRD4 exon III and the -521C/T polymorphism in the modulation of Novelty Seeking and Extraversion.


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