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In teaching courses provided by the group "Methoden und Evaluation" you will be trained in psychological research methods, data collection as well as analysis and evaluation methods. You will learn to design scientific psychological studies along with their analysis and critical interpretation. Here the methods of data collection (eg. observations, surveys, standardized test procedures), study design (eg. experiment, correlation study, individual case studies) and analysis (descriptive and inferential statistics, contents analysis) are equally important.

Training in methods and statistics starts in the first undergraduate year and is continued until the third term. The courses are designed to follow up on the previously learnt ...

Lectures are supported by seminars as well as tutorials and practicals which also include necessary computing skills such as using the programmes SPSS or R.

Winter Semester:

  • Introduction to psychological research methods
  • Statistics I
  • Testtheory and testdesign
  • Computerbased data analysis
  • Multivariate statistical methods
  • Evaluation
  • Colloquium in psychological methodology
  • Practicals

Summer Semester:

  • Statistics II
  • Conducting and presenting empirical studies
  • Computer supported data collection, modelling and analysis
  • Colloquium in psychological methodology
  • Practicals

--> For detailed descriptions of our lectures have a look at the electronic course catalogue ekvv


 Accompanying documents to our lectures you find at the programme Lernraum which is supported by the library of Bielefeld University.