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Psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic for children and adolescents

On the webside of the psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic for children and adolescents you get information about the therapy offers and options for approach. If you have questions or suggestions, please don´t hesitate to contact us by hakiju@uni-bielefeld.de or by phone 0521/106-2608.

The outpatient clinic is an outpatient clinic for research and teaching (§117 Abs. 2 SGB V). We offer thorough diagnostic and therapeutic help for children and youth with mental disorders. The offer is for children, youth and young adults with various behavioral and developmental conspicuousness like anxieties, AD(H)D, aggression, sleeping disorders, depression, eating disorders, disoders of the excretion system, pain disorders and more.
We offer a treatment which matches to the cutting-edge of psychotherapy research, because the outpatient clinic is connected to the professorship of clinic psychology and psychotherapy of children and adolescents. Treatment costs will be absorbed by the statutory health insurance and usually also by the pricate once.
The pracitcal work of the university outpatient clinic is influenced by training and development of the employees with high quality standards. By a close networking with local paediatricians, child and youth psychiatrists and the city of Bielefeld, a lot of cooperations could be build up successfuly.
The therapeutic offers in a singel and group setting are orientated on the research focus. The diagnostic process is standardised. Usually first at all we ask for a detailed biography and developmental history as well as for a description of the problem. As the case may be, further psychodiagostic is planed afterwards. In case supervisions every case will be discussed on the base of diagnostic results as well as on behavior observations and the clinic adjudication. Afterwards, there will be a detailled feddback of the results.
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