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Research Projects

A lot - maybe even the most - mental disorders already appear in the childhood or adolescents. Often these problems become chronic if they are not treaten which is a big risc factor for the development of further mental disorders in the adulthood. Thus it is importent to support and intervene early for the children concerned and their families, as well as for the health system. Our research shell lead to new knowledge in parts like health maintenance, ressource support, risc factors, diagnostic possibilities and fitting therapeutic measures in the childhood and adolescence.

Various offers, e.g. group therapy, in connection to the different research parts take place in the affiliated university outpatient clinic. New therapy methods are approved and evaluated as well as existing treatments are tested for efficiency.

Moreover, there are cooperations to local doctors and facilities as well as to training outpatient clinics. In this, common research interests are pursued.  

Current research focus and projects:


Sleep laboratory




Diagnostic Instruments