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JuST - Adolescent sleep training

Problems with falling asleep and to sleep through the night, a bad sleeping quality, a shifted circadian rhythm and nightmares are one of the most sleeping problems which can appear in adolescents. Sleeping problems can cause problems to concentrate, school problems, problems to control emotions and daytime sleepiness.

To support adolescents in between 11 and 17 years to solve their sleeping problems, JuSt - the sleep training for adolescents with a sleeping disorder was developed. Adolescents learn in 5 group session à 100 minutes how to handle their sleep problems and how to find the way back to a healthy sleep. Doing so topics like sleeping hygien, relaxation methods, how to handle their worries and fears and the adjustment of sleep - wake - times are discussed. And also the parents receive in one group session à 100 minutes information about healthy and dysfunctional sleep and support how to treat the sleep problem of their child.

If you are interested in the JuSt sleep training please contact the outpatient clinic for children, adolescents and families (HAKIJU). You can reach the HAKIJU via phone 0521/106 2608 or via email hakiju@uni-bielefeld.de.