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Research project: Sleep well - child's play

Many children have problems falling asleep and sleep all through the night. If the problem exists, it often becomes chronic. Our research showes up: sleep problems in the childhood persist mostly over years which leads to mental and physic development consequences. Thus, the aim of the research project good sleep for young children is to impart strategies to sleep well and healthy - as a prevention and intervention.

Evidence for sleep disorders in children

  • Difficulties to fall asleep
  • Difficulties to sleep all through the night
  • Rejection to go to bed
  • Fear of sleeping alone or only sleeps in parents? bed
  • Only falls asleep under certain terms
  • Wakes up very early in the morning
  • Very unregularly sleeping times
  • No fatigue in the evening or very late
  • Quite difficult to awake in the morning

Your child could have a sleeping disorder if one or more statements apply.

The Mini-KiSS Training

Target group and background

The treatment program is for parents with children in between 0.5 and 4 years which do have sleeping problems. Parents can get support to help their children to sleep better and on their own by doing the Mini-KiSS sleep training.


During the training sessions, parents learn about the different reasons that cause child sleeping problems and how they can be changed. Additionally, detailed information about healthy child sleep, influencing factors and close to everyday life possibilities will be imparted.

Behavioral strategies like tips for parenting, rules for healthy sleep, creative sleep solutions and effective reward systems are used. Besides, imaginative methods e.g. relaxation exercise or mental silence pictures for stress reduction are deployed. The stuffed leopard 'Kalimba' supports the children learning new sleeping strategies.

Treatment scale

The training
  • runs over 6 weeks
  • has an amount of 6 sessions only for the parents
  • takes place in single or group sessions with 4 to 8 parents

The sessions are only for the parents, children don´t participate. To make it possible for working parents, the sessions take place in evening hours from usually 6 to 8 p.m. If it´s possible, we recommend both parent to participate. Trained psychologists or pedagogues do the training.


Interested? Just contact without any engagement. You are welcome to get in touch by phone or e-mail.

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