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Sun in my Belly - A Training for Children with recurrent abdomnial pain

Recurrent abdomnial pain is one of the most physical health problems in childhood. In many cases, parents and children are clueless, because of medical routine treatment leading to no alleviation of suffering. Moreover, the health problems lead to limitations in the freetime and to times absent and problems in school. The goal of the training Sun in my Belly is to help children to handle there stomachache in another way and to use strategies to accomplishment. In addition, the parents learn how to support their children in usage of the strategies and they get supoort for themselves, how to deal with the burdens resulting out of the childrens recurrent abdomnial pain.

Symptomes of recurrent abdomnial pain

  • recurrent abdomnial pain at least 2x a week up to 1x a day
  • convulsive pain around the bellybutton
  • appears often together with sickness, vomiting, headache, sleeping problems
Do these points go with your child, your child could suffer from recurrent abdomnial pain.

Sun in my Belly (SiB)

The research outpatient clinic of the University of Bielefeld offers a multimodal approach for the therapy of recurrent abdomnial pain.
The training Sun in my Belly contains psychoeducation to impart the reasons for stomachache and information about coping strategy. Moreover, we use relaxation strategies and cognitive methods to improve the self-efficacy, which is a rudimental point in the pain coping.
The training is for children with recurrent abdomnial pain in between 5 and 11 years and for their parents. It comprises 4 sessions (2 parent and 2 child sessions).
First efficacy studies show a decrease in the pain frequency as well as in the everyday life impairment and simultaneously a increase of health-related life quality.

Just like with every other disease, the health insurance usually pays for all diagnostic and therapeutic steps, no matter if you have a private or a statutory health insurance.


For more information about the training just call or write us:

Ann-Kristin Manhart , Dipl. Psychologin und Psychotherapeutin
Phone.: (0521) 106-67229
Room: U4-222
E-Mail: ann-kristin.manhart@uni-bielefeld.de