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Seminarplatzvergabe im Master-Studiengang für das SoSe 2021

die Zuteilung zu den Master-Seminaren finden Sie  hier.

Seminarplatzvergabe im Bachelor-Studiengang für das SoSe 2021

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Mental health of nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals in times of the Covid-19 pandemic

We are currently looking for participants in a new online study on mental health consequences related to working as healthcare professionals in the Covid-19 pandemic. Please visit our website for more details and the link to the survey.


YOURHEALTH - Stress, Health and Integration of Young Refugees

A new project on the mental health of refugees and asylum-seeking children and youth has started last year. Please visit our website.


Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy

(AE 11)

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The Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy working group at Bielefeld University is chaired by Frank Neuner and Claudia Catani and includes young academics and therapists at different stages of their career. We provide a comprehensive education in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy for students in the BSc and MSc courses in Psychology, postgraduate education, the supervision of PhD students as well as continuing education in psychotherapy.

Our facilities include a psychophysiological lab including a multi-channel EEG and an outpatient clinic for psychotherapy (directed by Hanna Kley). Our research focuses on the causes and consequences of traumatic events such as child maltreatment and war violence.