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Fortbildung in Narrativer Expositionstherapie (NET)

Am 10. und 11. Februar 2020 findet wieder ein zweitägiger Grundkurs zur Narrativen Expositionstherapie mit traumatisierten Erwachsenen und Kindern (NET) statt.

Die Anmeldefrist ist der 15. Dezember 2019!

Weitere Informationen zur Fortbildungsveranstaltung entnehmen Sie bitte dem Kurs-Flyer oder der Informationsseite des Zentrums für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung.

Bei Interesse an NET-Kursen nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit unserem Organisationsteam unter folgender E-Mail-Adresse auf:


Trainings in Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET)

Narrative Exposure Therapy is an evidence-based approach for the treatment of trauma-related psychological disorders caused by organized or family violence. Given its focus on the autobiographical elaboration of traumatic experiences, NET is particularly suited for populations affected by multiple traumatic experiences. It has been developed as a standardized short-term approach and it combines principles of testimony therapy, client-oriented therapy and cognitive–behavioral exposure. NET aims at contextualizing the particular sensory, affective and cognitive memories of trauma. It is therefore important to understand and process the memory of a traumatic event in the course of the particular life of a client. The patient, with the assistance of the therapist, constructs a chronological and coherent narrative of his life story with a focus on the traumatic experiences.

We usually offer 2-days-trainings in NET and in KIDNET (a NET
version specifically adapted for children and adolescents) at
Bielefeld University. The workshops are facilitated by a team of
scientists, clinical and field practitioners with expertise in clinical psychology, especially trauma-spectrum disorders, brain research as well as humanitarian aid. Trainings involve a combination of
lectures, exercises, role-plays and demonstrations, focused on the theoretical and practical skill training of the trauma practitioner. Case studies foster collective learning from real-life situations. The workshops will create space for discussion and sharing of participants’ own experiences, ideas and knowledge.

If you are interested in receiving information concerning upcoming NET trainings, please contact fortbildung.psychotherapie(at)uni-bielefeld.de


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