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Katharina Gößmann


Ph.D. Student / Research Associate

Katharina Gößmann
Room: T3-268
University Bielefeld
P.O. Box 100131
33501 Bielefeld
Phone: +49-(0)521-106-4490
Fax: +49-(0)521-106-89012
Email:  katharina.goessmann(at-bielefeld.de
Hours: by appointment
+ Curriculum Vitae
Since May 2017 Research assistant at the department of clinical psychology and psychotherapy, Bielefeld University,
affiliated with the VW-supported project "Transformation to War and Barbarism"
2014 – 2016 M.Sc. in clinical psychology in Konstanz and Dijon;
Master’s thesis: „Do stress and excessive demands lead to violent acts? – Investigating the influence of teachers‘ personal factors on harsh disciplinary methods in secondary schools in Tanzania“
2010 – 2014 B.Sc. in psychology at the University of Konstanz, focus on clinical psychology;
Bachelor’s thesis: “Improving the quality of caregiving in orphanages – A systematic review on the effectiveness of psychological interventions“
+ Research Interests

For my PhD project I am exploring experiences of violence, psychological consequences of traumatic experiences, PTSD, and intimate-partner-violence in war-refugees in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

Other research interests:
  • Violence against women and intersectionality

  • Trauma and memory; commemorative culture

  • Psychological consequences of violence in child-raising and educational settings
+ Publications

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