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Mental Health Treatment for Refugees in Germany: Need and Barriers (TREAT)

Project description

TREAT is a subproject of the research group "Refugee migration to Germany: a magnifying glass for broader public health challenges" (PH-LENS) funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

The TREAT project aims to determine factors that are associated with access to evidence-based mental health treatment, with a specific focus on psychotherapy, in refugees who registered in Germany. TREAT will determine key figures that are associated with utilization, as well as the contribution of specific barriers.

In the context of the PH-LENS research unit, TREAT will contribute to the understanding of health system resilience, by determining how individual-level factors interact with health system factors in affecting access to care. TREAT will not only allow to specify the barriers to mental health care access for refugees, but, using the situation of refugees as a magnifying lens of processes in the general population, reveal limitations of the existing mental health care system.


Project leadership: Prof. Dr. Frank Neuner
Research staff: Lars Dumke
Contact person for any
Lars Dumke
Telefon: +49 521 106 67874

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Refugee migration to Germany: a magnifying glass for broader public health challenges


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