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Dr. Boukje HABETS

Contact details:

Room UHG T3-250
Snail mail  Biopsychology & Cognitive Neuroscience (AE14)
Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science
Bielefeld University
PO-Box 100131
D-33501 Bielefeld, Germany
Phone (49) 521 106 67 533
Email boukje.habets@uni-bielefeld.de


Research interests:

  • Multisensory integration over the lifespan
  • Learning in children and adults
  • Influence of movement and motor development on cognition
  • Relationship between tactile processing and movement
  • Understanding of the bodily self

I am interested in how humans learn and process information from their environment. In adults we know that combining information from the different senses leads to a better and quicker judgement. But how does a child use information from the different senses, how does it learn what belongs together? I have investigated these questions with EEG, eye-tracking and behavioral studies.

I head the Biopsychology group's newly established B hoch 3 Kids Lab here in Bielefeld. We will extend our research to the development of movement, its interplay with sensory processing, and their influence on children’s interaction with the environment. For instance, movement and motor abilities play an important role in the development of the bodily self: how does an infant know what parts belong to his/her body? And how does this understanding of the body change as the child grows and develops?

For more information about our Kids Lab, visit www.uni-bielefeld.de/bhoch3!




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