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Refugee outpatient clinic for children and adolescents at Bielefeld University (FLAM)


We are the FLAM.

That is short for Flüchtlings-Ambulanz (refugee outpatient clinic for young people).

It is a difficult word.

You don't have to remember it.

What do we do at FLAM?

We'll explain that to you now.


Sometimes people have to leave their homes.

And flee to another country.

Sometimes children come all by themselves to Germany.

That can be very difficult.

Many boys and girls start to feel weird.

Sometimes they feel sick.

Or they have headaches all the time.

Or they are sad.

Some are thinking and worrying a lot.

Or they do not sleep well.


And what does the FLAM do?

We are psychologists.

That is a difficult word.

We pronounce it this way: Psy-co-lo-gists.

We want to help you.

We provide counselling.

Counselling is like training for heart and soul.


We talk and try to find out:

What's going on?

How can you feel better?

What can you do?


Here is an important thing:

You tell a psychologist something.

The psychologist is not allowed to tell that to anyone else.

So you can also talk about secrets.

We will never tell your things to anyone. Not to:

  • The police
  • The Youth welfare Office (Jugendamt)
  • Your caregivers (Betreuer)


Who can come to the FLAM?

Are you under 19?

Did you come to Germany from another country?

Are you without your parents in Germany?

Yes? Then you can come to us!


How can I make an appointment?

If you want to come to us:

You have to make an appointment before.

You can tell your caregiver:

"I want to go to the FLAM."

Then your caregiver calls us.

Or you can call us directly.

Or you send us a Whats App.

We'll call you back.

Our Whats App number is: 0 1 7 1 7 6 3 4 2 3 7


Will my caregiver come with me to the appointment?

You can come to us with your caregiver.

The caregiver usually shows you how to get to our office.

You can also say:

I want to talk to the psychologist alone. Without my caregiver.

It is your choice.


Where are you?

We are in the big University building in Bielefeld.

There is a subway station.

We'll explain the way on the phone.