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Did you flee from your country and need psychotherapeutic support?

It is not only the body but also the spirit of a person that can get hurt and ill due to various reasons. This is entirely normal and can happen to anybody. For example, some people are often sad for a long period of time, have severe anxieties or sorrows. Sometimes people are not able to sleep properly for a long period of time or have negative thoughts about themselves.

In particular, the spirit of people who have had terrible experiences such as war or violence, can suffer. Some people have to think about the horror they have experienced over and over again or have horrible dreams. Sometimes people just want to be alone and have difficulties trusting other people.

People with psychological illnesses may have difficulties taking care of themselves and others. They may suffer a lot from their problems. Sometimes it can be difficult to go to work or to school. It is also possible they get into conflicts with other people.


Psychotherapy at our outpatient clinic

In our psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic (“Psychotherapie-Ambulanz” in German) you can get psychotherapeutic help with this or similar kinds of problems.

In the first meeting we will get to know each other and we would like to understand what your problems and needs are. After this first meeting, there will be four more meetings in which a psychotherapist will ask you a lot of questions. The psychotherapist will try to understand as clearly as possible how you are feeling and what you would like to improve. Of course, the purpose will also be that you will get to know the psychotherapist and figure out whether you would like to continue working with him or her later on. After these meetings, the psychotherapy will start. Then, you will meet with the psychotherapist usually once a week to talk with each other. The psychotherapist will help you to get a better understanding of your feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and to search for solutions for your problems. It is important to know that the psychotherapist is not able to solve all your problems or to change your life alone – you will have to work actively together to achieve these goals.

If you speak German or English, then it is possible to do the psychotherapy without an interpreter. If you speak other languages, there will be an interpreter present at the meetings with the psychotherapist in order to help with communication.

You can speak about everything with the psychotherapist (as well as with the interpreter). They are not allowed to tell anyone what is said during the meetings. This is called “confidentiality” (“Schweigepflicht” in German). We won’t give any information about you to other authorities, doctors, relatives, friends or other persons without your permission.

We can only offer you a first meeting and psychotherapy, if the youth welfare service (“Jugendamt” in German), the social assistance office (“Sozialamt” in German) or the health insurance company will pay for the costs of the first meeting and the psychotherapy. This has to be assured before the first meeting takes place. If the payment is arranged, we are usually able to offer you a first meeting soon. However, it can take a little longer until you can start the psychotherapy due to many received applications.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for a first meeting, you are welcome to send us an email or to call our secretary’s office:

Phone number: 0521/1062606

Email: psychotherapie-ambulanz@uni-bielefeld.de


We are looking forward to hearing from you!