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Research Profile

Our research profile is characterized by a very broad topical scope. Within our quantitative group, research focuses on fundamental methodology questions such as the statistical treatment of missing values in complex datasets and the modeling of longitudinal models with long-range surveys. We have studied, for instance, the development of juvenile delinquency over life courses, the social significance of singing, and the causes and motives of social cohesion. In the qualitative group, we work with methods of conversation analysis, ethnography, narrative interviews and visual procedures. Topically, we study life courses and interactions in everyday, institutionalized and (mass) media contexts.


Research Projects

Current Projects

  • Longitudinal study of the development of juvenile delinquency
  • Treating missing values in complex datasets
  • The origin and development of deviant and delinquent behaviour in the life course and its significance for social inequality processes


Concluded Projects

  • Dynamic modelling of social indicators. A secondary analysis of data of the socio-economic panel
  • Prevention of pregnancies for young people
  • Verifying the "theory of planned behaviour" with particular focus on habits and interaction effects
  • PolitikON