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Teaching Profile

The Research and Teaching Unit´s teaching profile is characterised by basic course offerings in the areas of qualitative and quantitative methods and statistics. In addition, however, we also offer unusually broad course offerings in advanced methods and statistics. These include in the quantitative area, e.g., in-depth courses on the design of questionnaires, on methods of sampling, on methods and problems of online surveys, as well as on statistical methods such as classical multivariate techniques, latent class models, multilevel analysis, structural equation modelling, and the like. In the qualitative area, we teach in more depth ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, objective hermeneutics, interaction analysis, visual analysis and ethnography, among others. This is not only a matter of conveying methodology principles, but also specifically applying the methods to concrete research questions, and thus conveying empirical competence.


"Empirical Practice"

In the "one-major course of studies" in the sociology bachelor´s programme, there is a new study area called "empirical practice" in Module 30-M10.

The objective of "empirical practice" is for students to take part in empirical research at an early stage in their studies. This can occur in the form of events (e.g., workshops) or by working on research projects. It is also possible for students to work particularly intensively in an empirical direction in other seminars to be credited in "empirical practice".

In total, the module comprises 120 hours.

You will find further information on the module in the course catalogue.

We have set up an e-mail distribution list for information on "empirical practice" via the ekvv (ekvv 300199).

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Aktuelle Angebote für die empirische Praxis:


Empirical Practice: Courses (SoSe 2017)

  • 300199 / Blank / Information zum Modul 30-M10 Vertiefung Methoden II.


Empirical Practice: Project Work

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For information about the courses offered by the Research and Teaching Unit, please refer to the ekVV.