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Organizational Sociology in Bielefeld: Qualification Theses or Examinations

Are you planning to submit a qualification thesis to one of the teachers in the Working Group on Organizations?

Are you planning to take an oral examination with a focus on issues related to organizational sociology?

To prepare for either of these actions, you are invited to make use of the following source materials. They include recommendations and expectations concerning the organizational and formal steps you should take, how you should coordinate the supervision and assessment of your thesis with us at Bielefeld and how you should prepare for an examination:

  • T. Hoebel, S. Kette and H. Mormann have prepared a document on how to write a successful thesis for a Bachelor’s degree: PDF 
    • These recommendations and expectations are most suitable for students in a Bachelor’s degree program. Moreover, diploma and Master students who are preparing for a qualification thesis should also consider the questions raised in this document.
  • Seven principles should be kept in mind when preparing qualification theses for the Working Group on Organizations, as outlined in this paper: PDF
    • This paper is designed primarily for Master’s degree students and doctoral candidates.
  • Tips and strategies for academic writing: Link


In order to complete courses offered by the Working Group on Organizations, students must submit term papers and seminar papers. For those who are unsure about what is required for these submissions, we offer the some additional clarifications. The following rules apply to all papers written to fulfill this requirement:


  • Teachers will generally accept papers only if they are written for a specific ongoing or recently completed course. Every student must submit all the term papers required by those teaching a particular seminar.
  • Students who are required or simply wish to submit a paper on organizational sociology at some future time must attend a recent seminar so they can directly associate the paper with a specific course in terms of both its currency and its content.